Proper Period Care

April 28, 2020

Proper Period Care

I'm 46 and am just learning about proper period care. WHY? Why isn't this something that is taught to us from the onset? 

It frustrates me because I have suffered with painful periods for 32 years! That's way to long. 

But it also excites me because I get to be a part of a movement of women, who are sharing our knowledge to help women all over the world with their menstrual and uterine health. 

So let's chat about proper period care and what it consists of. 

  • Avoiding cold during our period. During this time we need to stay warm, it promotes good circulation. Our circulation becomes slower if cold, it contributes to stagnation.
  • Foods and fluids that are cold during your period can impact circulation, menses color can change from red to brown due to this.
  • Avoid cold: ice cream, ice water, beverages with ice.
  • Stick to hot nourishing foods: soups, hot cereals, porridge. Tea is also great during this time.
  • No plugs! Plugs block and clog the flow of your monthly cleanse. It can cause old residue to build up.
  • Use period panties or menstrual cups.
  • Nothing else in there during this time: no sex, no Yoni egg. Everything needs to flow out.
  • Your period should be a time of rest and taking it easy.
  • Exercise should be limited, nothing extreme, or nothing at all. No inversions of any kind.
  • Stay hydrated! Your body needs additional fluids during this time. Tea is wonderful during your period.
  • No fasts or dieting. Don’t go long times without eating. 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks.

Are you practicing proper period care? 

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