Welcome to Steamy Diva!

March 24, 2020

Welcome to Steamy Diva!

Steamy Diva was born, when I was looking for natural ways to deal with my peri-menopause symptoms. The more I researched, the more intrigued I became with vaginal steaming, so I decided to give it a try.

You'll find, once you get to know me,  that I'm willing to give most natural techniques a try to see if they are going to work. 

Vaginal steaming has been life changing. 

Let me give you a little bit of history. 

From day one of my period (at 14) I have been prone to a super heavy flow, full of cramps and blood clots (I know, TMI) and my first day has always been absolutely miserable. I was popping Advil every four hours to keep my cramps to a minimum and keep my joint pain manageable. My PMS was always off the charts, with irritability & moodiness.

When I would talk to my doctor about it, it was just the way it was, and I wasn't really offered any relief, except the pill when I was younger. 

Added to my lovely menstrual cycle, came peri-menopause symptoms in my late thirties. Hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety wreaked havoc on my world before I finally had a doctor figure out what was happening to me. 

Needless to say, I got to a point where I decided to do my own research and digging, because what was being offered to me just wasn't working. 

Enter Vaginal Steaming. 

My first period after having steamed 3x prior was night and day to my previous. My PMS was minimal, I had no clots, and my flow was normal...not super heavy. My joint pain was reduced and I didn't take one single Advil, because my cramps were non-existent. 

Also, I didn't have any hot flashes or night sweats, once I began steaming.

I was pleasantly surprised and super excited! 

I wondered why more women didn't know about this easy practice. That's when I decided to become a certified vaginal steam practitioner through Steamy Chick. 

I wanted to share this knowledge with other women around the globe, so that they too could experience the amazing results that come from vaginal steaming. 

So, that's how Steamy Diva was birthed. 

I'm excited to connect more with you. 




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